Annual Parish Meeting 2016 – Minutes

Annual Parish Meeting 2016 – Minutes

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting for Normanton on Soar held in the Hall on Wednesday 4th May 2016 at 7.30pm.


  1. Hellier (in the Chair), S. Sleight, K.Bonser & H. Peberdy

Borough Cllr Thurman and County Councillor Brown

12 members of the public



Cllrs S. Slaney & D. Smith

Parishioners: N. Blythe, Simon Barrington, Chas Tyler, Anna Cave, Bob Cave, Jan Bonser, John & Heather Herrington

Cllr Marie Males



The Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 8th April 2015, as circulated, were confirmed and signed as a true record of business transacted.

Proposed by C. Pheasant seconded S Sleight

Motion duly carried.

No action required


Chairman’s Report:

Precept: In November 2015 a budget meeting was held to set the 2016/17 precept and you will see from the accounts that although there is a small increase of £75 the parish share of the rates has reduced by 2.5%. There was no transitional grant from Rushcliffe Borough Council this year. The Council have worked hard to keep the overall expenditure more or less the same as last year.


Solar Farm: At this meeting two years ago a public vote was taken on the action that the Parish Council should take regarding the large scale solar farm planned for Stanford Hills. It was decided that the parish should oject to this development and the Parish Council teamed up with Stanford on Soar Parish Council to finance an opposition group made up from members of the Community. The planning application was turned down by Rushcliffe Borough Council, however, an appeal was made and an enquiry was held in the Hall on the 4th & 5th August 2015. Stanford on Soar and Normanton on Soar Parish Councils met the costs of the barrister to forward our case. We were successful in our appeal to uphold Rushcliffe Borough Council’s decision. Thanks to all those who turned out and many thanks to the opposition committee and David Adkin for all of his support and help. Sadly David passed away earlier this year.


Broadband: Hathern Cabinet 4 has now gone live and is ready for customers to place their order for fibre optic broadband via their chosen service provider. Details have been placed on the village website.


Stanford Hall DNRC: building work is going well and a dedicated website is regularly updated by the contractors.


Network Rail: work is to begin on Bowley’s Bridge this summer which will take 6 months to complete. Discussions are currently ongoing with regard to any proposed diversions. The Parish Council will be consulted during this process.


County Bridge – Zouch: Work is to begin this summer on replacing the bridge and will take approximately 18months to complete. There will be disruption on the A6006 whilst work is taking place.


School: a new 20mph zone has been put into place.


Playing Field: Again a good source of income this year has been from letting the playing field, which to the large extent funded our share of the legal fees which was £1750. Due to the legal costs on fighting the Solar Farm plans for the field were put on hold although we did manage to mark out a rounders pitch, which is also being done this year. We have had a lot of caravans parked on the field during the last couple of weekends, which will bring in revenue that the Council hopes to spend on a village event later in the year. The dog warden has been conducting regular visits and offending dog owners have been spoken to. It is important to remember that the field is a play area. The Council will support the dog warden in any prosecutions that may result.


Community Road Safety Scheme; this is now in operation following a training event. Further training session will take place as and when volunteers come forward. Arrangements are being made to have the equipment in the village.


Flooding: The Parish Council are having ongoing discussions with Nottinghamshire County Council, the Environment Agency and Severn Trent Water, The last meeting took place at County Hall and was arranged by Cllr Brown and attended by Dave Smith on behalf of the Parish Council. Cllr Brown will update the meeting.


Verges: The Parish Council have continued to take responsibility for the upkeep of the verges from Nottinghamshire County Council. The mowing contract was again awarded to Ladybug Garden Services and many thanks to Sarah Sleight for making such a good job.


Resurfacing: The Parish Council is still pressing for Far Lane to be resurfaced and once again the potholes have been filled. The main road from Stanford on Soar through the village is also in very poor condition and was due to be resurfaced last year but had to be abandoned through lack of finance. I have been reliably informed that surveys have been done and it will be resurfaced this year.


Ferry: The Ferry is operational and a Ferry committee has been set up and trained in its operation. A launch party in the Ferry Field was held last summer and was well attended. We have secured a grant of £6000 from Nottinghamshire County Council for the Ferry boat house, it is hoped that this work will be completed by December 2016. Having a boathouse will make the Ferry easier to use as the present system of heavy covers has proved to be unworkable.


Thanks to Gill Hilsdon for organising litter picking sessions anyone interested in joining the volunteers can either contact Gill direct or the Clerk


The Council would like to thank Heather Herrington for all of her hard work in writing articles for the Loughborough Echo.


Thanks again to John Herrington for all of his hard work in maintaining the village website. Anyone wishing to put anything onto the website should contact John direct.


Thanks to Cllr Brown for his support on various problems within the village concerning Nottinghamshire County Council and for the £470 grant towards the Ferry signs.


Thanks to all three Rushcliffe Borough Councillors for their support especially Ron Hetherington for his help with the Solar Farm planning appeal. Cllr Males for her help on certain sensitive planning issues and thanks to Cllr Thurman for the £500 donation towards the Ferry signage.


Finally thanks to Tony Irwin for setting up the room tonight.


Financial Statement.

The financial statement of the Parish Council, showing the receipts and payments from 2014/15 audited, 2015/16 (not yet audited) and the 2015/16 and 2016/17 budgets, was circulated. (Copy bound with these minutes).


Report from Borough Councillor Thurman

I have been a Borough Councill for three years and last year due to the boundary changes I became a Borough Council representative for Normanton on Soar. Myself and Cllr Males are currently on the Development Control Committee at Rushcliffe.


Report from County Councillor Brown

  • Boundary changes will take place in May 2017 will become a two member division known as the Leake Division
  • The highway between Normanton on Soar and Stanford on Soar is to be resurfaced.
  • Cllr Brown is currently working on having a Weight Restriction put in place through the village – surveys are currently taking place.
  • Cllr Brown is now sitting on the Economic Development Committee and Police and Crime Commissioner panel.
  • Zig Zag markings outside the primary school are causing problems for the school bus dropping off the school children. Nottinghamshire County Council plan to install a bus stop clearway, which will ensure that bus drivers will not receive any parking tickets.
  • Roadworks on A6006 –Nottinghamshire County Council have a dedicated section on there website showing which roads are closed. They also have a section ‘Lorry Watch’ where HGV drivers can be reported if they ignore a ‘Weight Restriction’.
  • A debate will take place next week regarding the new tip restrictions which have just come into force.
  • Flooding: as reported by the Chairman a meeting has taken place and it is intended that the culvert/surface water sewer is going to be removed at the bottom of Far Lane to allow the surface water to flow more effectively and prevent such significant flooding at this junction.



Police Report

No report


Reports from Village Organisations.


  • Choir: Normanton on Soar Choir has had another successful year. Two people left us over the last twelve months but we have had two new members so our numbers remain at 28.

We have the same team leading the choir, namely Margaret Bishop as Musical Director and Brian Archbold as Accompanist. We practice on Monday evenings at St James’ Church at 6.30pm for an hour. Last year we sang:-

  • At the church service on the first Sunday of the month
  • At the Boat Club Birthday Service
  • At the Harvest Festival Service
  • At the Christmas Carol Service
  • At the Church Fête
  • At the Christmas Concer
  • At Weddings and Funerals, on request.

We are a very friendly group and welcome new members at any time.

You don’t have to know a lot, or anything, about music but just enjoy singing.


  • Men’s Association: The organisation is in sound financial health. There are currently 23 members and it is anticipated this will increase over the year – good value for £5 per annum. There is a full programme of events. The next event is a visit to Shardlow Marina on 23 May. The event for June is an activity – Green Bowls at the Sutton Bonington Club. Future events include the annual Treasure Hunt/BBQ (July), Petanque (August), talk Insights into Roller Coasters (September) and Skittles (October including partners). We continue to try and get a good mix of visits, talks and activities always searching for matters of interest – in this respect any ideas from whatever source is always welcome. We are attempting to enter the 21st century and are now on facebook – I am told that interested parties should use the “like” approach and not become a “friend” since this tends to over clog (my terminology) the system


  • St James: The new vicar arrived in June 2015. Attendance at the church averages at 28 per week. The cost of keeping the church going for a week costs approx. £456 per week. The village was tahnked for their support both physically and financially. With regard to the fabric of the building all is well with some minor works being planned for this year. Next year the organ is to be repaired at a cost of £30,000 the church has raised £20,000 which leaves a shortfall of £10,000 so funraising this year is critical. Music is an important part of the worship. Last year was a good year with significant donations from fundraising by Caroline and Jeremy Hellier who held a Ploughman’s Lunch and Simon and Kirsten Barrington’s jam sales. The Fete was well attended and will be held on 11th September this year. The Church donated £600 towards the Air Ambulance as our charity of the year and this year will be making a donation to Here 4 You, a local charity that helps victims of abuse and domestic violence.


  • Community Shop: The most significant reason for the drop in sales again this current financial year is completion by the large supermarkets, some of which are seeing their own turnover and profits again drastically reduced. Many shoppers have changed either suppliers or brand products. The directors are aware of the trend of the shopper but we say again that there are a large number of Normanton inhabitants who do not use the shop. Our staff are aware of the situation and new ideas are being developed. This is a positive step to encourage an increase in footfall and turnover but if history repeats itself, increases will most probably be from non-villagers. We have a hardworking team of volunteers who do not reside in Normanton, so you the villagers it is time to think of the village and the Community Shop by giving you support wherever possible. Let me stress that you do not need to come and work in the shop on a set day, even one session every two weeks would help. We hope that when the Ferry becomes operational it will bring more footfall not only to the shop but church and the Plough. The caravaners do make small purchases from the shop which helps.


Matters of Report.


  • Concern was raised re the lack of jetting of drains through the village.


Clerk to contact NCC

  • Complaint received regarding the speed of traffic on Butt Lane especially during the school drop off/collection time. It was proposed that the 30mph speed restriction be moved further up the lane. It was further suggested that signage be put up asking drivers to be more curtrous to pedestrains/cyclists and horse riders.


Parish Council to discuss at their next PC meeting


  • Concern was raised regarding the amount of non-biodegradable dog poo bags being dropped on the footpath between Far Lane and Butt Lane.


Parish Council to discuss at their next PC meeting


  • Complaint received regarding the removal of ‘Ducks Crossing’ signs. It was felt that there were already too many signs in the village.

No action required


  • Discussion to took place regarding the fact that Network Rail had chosen to increase the height of the bridge as opposed to lowering the track at Bowley Farm

No action required


  • Request received for an entrance onto the playing field be installed at the end of the carpark extension.


Parish Council to discuss at their next PC meeting


  • Work to move the website to a different server is taking place, this will hopefully stop all the problems being experienced

No action required.


  • Jon Soars is now Chairman of the Ferry Volunteer Committee. The Ferry

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