Chain Ferry

The unique ferry at Normanton on Soar has been in existence since 1771. The ferry at Normanton-on-Soar was first introduced to be a link from the Nottinghamshire village across the river to the fields of Leicestershire. To achieve this gave easier walking access to either Zouch or preferably Loughborough, considerably reducing the distance otherwise taken by paths or roads. Such a consideration would eventually determine the need for a means of crossing the river. The site was likely to have been chosen in the earliest day because of the bend in the slow flowing river was at its shallowest due to the deposits of silt and debris since the river evolved and where it may have even been possible to ford in long dry summertime. Certainly it would have been preferred at the end of the village away from the important residences, like the Manor house when that was built and not too close to the Church or the public house.


Extracted from ‘The Normanton on Soar Ferry‘ by Malcolm Dark

The Ferry is operated, by volunteers, on Saturday and Sunday, between 1st April and 30th September, from 10.00 to 16:30.

Groups in the week can make arrangement to cross by ringing the mobile:- 07487252784

Ferry Fares are £1.00 per person each way.

£0.50 per bike each way.

Follow signs from Main Street.





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