WI Progamme 2017/18

Date Speaker Competition
04/04/2017 St Anne’s Allotments A photograph of a garden taken by you or someone in your family
02/05/2017 Everybody loves music An LP from the 50s, 60s or 70s.
06/06/2017 Living in a box The most items in a small match-box
04/07/2017 The Chilwell Canary Girls Something yellow
08/08/2017 Social Evening No competition
05/09/2017 Members day 10AM – 4PM [programme to be arranged] No competition
03/10/2017 Bletchley park and  the Ultra secret A piece of war-time memorabilia
07/11/2017 Commedia dell’Arte A mask
05/12/2017 Christmas meal Prettiest parcel
02/01/2018 Medical detection dogs Limerick about dogs
06/02/2018 AGM and social evening No competition
06/03/2018 Edith Piaff My biggest regret

3 April 2018                                       Intricate Knitting                                                                                  A small knitted item

1 May 2018                                        Terry Wogan’s Hair Weave                                                                Your best “hair” photograph

5 June 2018                                        Location and Landscape                                                                   Momento of a favourite location

2 July 2018                                          Walk the Nordic Way                                                                         A walking stick

16 August 2018                                 Day visit to Wollaton Hall  + talk on Wollaton’s wildlife               No competition

3 September 2018                            Faith supper and sharing of   Craft skills                                       No competition

2 October 2018                                 Rhyme, Rhythm and Reason                                                            Limerick about a vicar

6 November 2018                             Practical beekeeping and  Honey tasting                                      Homemade biscuits with honey in the recipe

4 December 2018                             Christmas meal                                                                                   Prettiest parcel

8 January 2019                                  Introduction to Chinese  Medicine                                                  Panda related item

5 February 2019                               AGM and beetle drive                                                                        No competition

5 March 2019                                   The work of the Ear Foundation                                                       Prettiest earrings


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